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Why joining Loong Chinese?

More than a learning website

Loong Chinese is a community. We believe that the best approach of learning the language is sharing and exchanging your knowledge and experience with others. By joining us, your journey of learning won't be lonely anymore. Create your own Study Group or join others'. Make some friends and learn together.

Everything You Need

No need to waste your time on searching around on the Internet. We have everything you need for your learning, from free materials to our carefully designed courses. No matter you just want to pick up a few Chinese words or you want to speak Chinese like a native speaker, or you want to pass the HSK exams in your first try. You've come to the right place.

Learning is easy and fun

Teachers and volunteers on Loong Chinese are either native Chinese speakers or they can speak Chinese on the native level. We know the language well and we know how hard it is for you to learn the Chinese language which is a completely different language than your own mother tongue. Therefore, we are here to make your learning easy and full of fun.

Get the best out of Loong Chinese

Join the community

Register an account and you will have a new home here. Publish your learning blogs. Create study groups. Learn and share. You journey will become shorter and easier while you're not learning alone.

Follow our courses

We are trying to make the best courses you could find online. Our courses are carefully designed to help you learn Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.  Following our courses is a shortcut.

Read our posts

Crafted by Mr. Loong word by word. You will learn not only the language but also the culture, the history, and the customs. Everything you need to know in order to master the Chinese language.