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The World’s Most Valuable Brands’ name in Chinese 世界最有价值品牌中文名称- part 2

Posted on May 17, 2018

#6 Amazon 亚马逊 yà mǎ xùn 

Your iPhone, iPod, and iPad are made by Apple.

#7 Disney 迪斯尼 dí sī ní 

Every child knows about Disney.

#8 Toyota 丰田 fēng tián 

A Japanese car maker

#9 McDonald’s 麦当劳 mài dāng láo

BTW, Chinese people call the American singer Madonna 麦当娜。 Just one character difference. 🙂

#10 Samsung 三星 sān xīng 

A well-known Korean phone maker.

#11 GE 通用电气 tōng yòng diàn qì 

#13 IBM

Well, they just call it IBM.

#14 Intel 因特尔 yīn tè ěr 

A well-known CPU manufacturer.

#15 Cisco 思科 sī kē 

#16 NIKE 耐克 nài kè 

耐克 has the sound of NIKE. And “耐”, in Chinese, means ‘durable’. NIKE makes shoes, right?  ‘Durable’ is what you want for shoes, I guess.

#17 Mercedez-Benz 梅赛德斯-奔驰 méi sài dé sī -bēn chí 

奔驰 means traveling at high speed.

#18 Oracle 甲骨文 jiǎ gǔ wén 

甲骨文 means inscriptions on bones or tortoise shells.  All right. In plain English, several thousand years ago, ancient Chinese ‘wrote’ on bones or tortoise shells. And those writings are called 甲骨文

#20 Luis-Vuitton 路易斯-威登 lù yì sī -wēi dēng 

Well, they picked the Chinese words which have similar sounds. But they didn’t just pick any words. You know, in Chinese, different characters might have the same sound.  They picked the ones which together, can form an image of ‘luxury’.

To be continued…

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