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The World’s Most Valuable Brands’ name in Chinese 世界最有价值品牌中文名称- part 1

Posted on May 12, 2018

Notes: This post is for intermediate level(中级 zhōngjí) to advanced level (高级 gāojí) students. The words you learn here you will not see them in most of your exams. But you will see them on TV (电视 diànshì ), newspaper(报纸 bàozhǐ) and billboards (广告牌 guǎnggàopái ) etc.。 They are everywhere. I am only going to pick the ones which are well recognized in China.

Source(出处 chūchù):

Many of this big names on this Top 100 brands list have conquered the Chinese market and made their name well known by the Chinese people. Back to many years ago. Before they launch their business in China, they needed to come up with some Chinese names, ideally some fancy Chinese names. Some brands just used some Chinese words which have the similar sound. Some brands also took the meanings of the Chinese words into account. They wanted to build a good business image, an image which Chinese people will love. Well, at least, they tried to come up with some positive names which in general, Chinese people would like. In this post, I am going to list their Chinese names and record the pronunciation with my own voice :-). If their names have some special meanings, I will try to explain a bit as well.  OK, enough said.  let’s jump in.

#1 Apple 苹果 píngguǒ 

Your iPhone, iPod, and iPad are made by Apple.

#2 Google 谷歌 gǔgē

I guess you use it every day:

谷(crop) 歌(song), 

#3 Microsoft 微软 wēiruǎn 

Have you ever used a desktop PC (桌面电脑 zhuōmiàn diàn nǎo ) or a laptop(笔记本电脑 bǐjìběn diànnǎo )? If you did,  80% chance you might have used what they’ve made which is Windows Operating System (视窗操作系统 shìchuāng cāozuò xìtǒng )。 The latest Windows Operating System is called Windows 10.

#4 Facebook 脸书 liǎnshū,脸谱 liǎnpǔ 

Come on, you know what Facebook is :-). Anyone living on earth knows what Facebook is. 🙂

#5 CoCa-Cola 可口可乐 kěkǒu kělè 

Don’t tell me you’ve never drink Coca-Cola. 🙂

In Chinese, 可口 means delicious and 可乐 means making you happy. Trust me, drinking too much 可口可乐 won’t make you healthier(更健康 gèng jiànkāng)

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